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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. breaking news tonight from the state department, another round of hillary clinton e- mails have just been released and this batch, more than 4,300 of them, the largest batch made public so far. the latest round includes more than 150 marked classified. so far we do know among those messages is a 2010 note to wikileaks founder julian assange asking him not to publish classified documents
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that she said would risk the lives of countless innocent individuals. and the metro police department has identified a man as a person of interest in the shooting death of 23-year-old matthew shlonsky. we want to show you 19-year-old andre dudley considered armed and dangerous. he is wanted for a burglary in northeast just three days before shlonsky, a recent graduate of american university, was killed and remember police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of any homicide in the district. if you have seen dudley, please call police at 202-727-9099. you can remain anonymous. again that's 202-727-9099. right now we know a large portion of d.c. police have no confidence in chief cathy lanier according to a poll taken over the weekend by the d.c. police union. >> now 1/3 of those union members voted and 97% of them
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said they don't think lanier is doing a good job, but those are not the only opinions that matter. ellison barber has more on how the public feels tonight. >> reporter: crime in d.c. has been in the news for months from drive-byes to homicides. many believe there's a problem, but not everyone believe the chief is to blame. >> cathy lanier, she's doing a hell of a job. >> reporter: glenn williams has lived in southeast d.c. since 1962 in an area that's seen its fair share of homicides, more than enough this year, but williams doesn't think these problems should be blamed on chief lanier. >> people are going to do what they do. >> reporter: it's an opinion very different from members of the d.c. police union. as the murder rates climb, they say the chief is making all the wrong decisions. >> we're the people that have to see the results of her leadership style and the decisions that she's making and the negative impact that it's having on our ability to properly protect our citizens and enforce the law. >> reporter: and over 1,000 of their members voted to show just that. >> there is a toxic environment
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inside of the mpd. >> reporter: as for lanier, in a statement she said she wasn't going to comment on the survey but instead would continue working to make the tough decisions necessary to make d.c. the safest city in america. in anacostia and shaw only a handful of people we spoke to criticized lanier or her leadership. >> as a normal citizen, the first thing that we will always want to insure is our security and that is still not up to the mark. >> too much going on right now, think that it's time for a change. >> reporter: most seem to think she's doing a good job. >> i think she's doing a good job. i really do. >> i have been impressed with her. she seems to be able to relate to the community. >> all in all i think she's doing a good job. >> reporter: and they aren't convinced the union's poll is fair. >> if it's only 1/3 of the 3,000 active policemen. >> reporter: the union says the fact only 1/3 of their members voted in the poll shouldn't matter. in the mayor's race less of 50%
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of d.c. residents voted for mayor bowser and that vote was still valid. they believe this one is, too. >> mayor muriel bowser says despite the vote she supports the chief and has confidence in her leadership in the good times and the tough times. well, tonight heat and a code orange air quality alert are combining to make tomorrow just a little bit rough. >> let's get right to topper shutt with what you'll need to know for the morning. >> it's going to heat up fast, by 9:00, 10:00, temperatures are almost 80 degrees, 80 in manassas, low 80s out toward leesburg and bowie. by noon we're almost 90 downtown, 87 in gaithersburg, 88 as far north as frederick. this is pretty toasty for the beginning of what is meteorological fall on tuesday. 90 by 2:00, a couple showers and storms possible. the lion's share of storms we think will be north and west of us along the i-81 corridor. yes, there is a code orange
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tomorrow. so if you have asthma or any breathing problem, carpool, use public transit. limit your time outdoors. try to stay in an air conditioned environment, if you can. refill your car in the evening of don't idle the engine. don't cut the grass either and exercise in the morning because air quality goes downhill through the evening. we'll come back, talk about how many days are in the 90s and look ahead to the holiday weekend and have your 3-degree guarantee. new tonight some residents of a montgomery county apartment complex are fighting back against rent spikes so huge they could force families onto the streets. the showdown between renters and the landlord is happening at hampshire towers in takoma park. the new owners say they're just charming for necessary upgrades, but some -- charging for necessary upgrade, but some people told our garrett hake the rent increases as high as 50 or 60% are just too much to pay. >> reporter: residents had until today to sign new leases, or face a possible eviction in
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60 days. instead many of those same residents asked for help tonight in a fight to stay in their homes. at hampshire towers in takoma park this fall the rent is going way up and the residents are furious. >> this is not a game. this is real life! >> reporter: the 200 plus unit apartment building, an island of affordable housing in montgomery county, was recently sold to an investment company called the orlowe fund. the company promised to spend millions on long neglected affairs in exchange for keeping in place an exemption to takoma park's rent increase. >> they neglected to tell them they were going to raise their rent to such an increase they wouldn't enjoy the renovations because they'll lose their homes of. >> reporter: now residents have been told to sign new leases by today at significantly higher rates or move out in 60 days. >> they're charging me $300 you
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have to pay. >> reporter: this man will see his rent jump 60% if he signs the new lease. can you afford that? >> i can't afford it, sir. >> reporter: what will you do? >> well, i got to figure something to do. >> reporter: in a statement to wusa9 orlowe says rents were too low to justify all the necessary repairs and that the city, county and tenants association agreed to the deal in advance. >> the fact that neither the city or the county said you can't buy this building. if you buy it, you're not going to get rent increases for the repairs in the deal, that's on us. >> reporter: on their company website orlowe said this building is prime to generate significant rent growth over the next few years. that's partly because of a planned purple line stop a few blocks away. that means we might be seeing a lot more stories like this soon. in takoma park garrett haake, wusa9. >> the residents were hoping by drawing attention to their situation they could get orlowe
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to stall those rent hikes and negotiate a better deal. prince william county police released surveillance images of a man who pulled out a gun and robbed a bank in a grocery store just before 5:00 this afternoon in woodbridge at the pnc bank inside the giant food store on hedges run drive. fortunately nobody there was hurt. the gunman ran from the store with some of the bank's money, got in the car and drove off. if you can put a name to that face, contact prince william county police. at last check d.c. police made no arrests in a shooting that injured a 13-year-old girl and a man trying to escape some would be killers. we're told todd j. chambers is recovering in -- taije chambliss is recovering in the hospital after getting hit while sitting on the steps at a neighbor's home in southwest. three shooters were trying to kill another man who ran past taije and several girls on the steps through the house. the shooters kept firing clearly not concerned they could hit the girls. >> i want them to catch the guy
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and put them away. my kids was right there. it don't make no sense at all. >> well, taije was shot in the legs. neighbors say the man who ran inside the house was shot in the hand. today a lot of parents and volunteers walked dozens of d.c. students home from school just to make sure they got there safely. the effort is called man the block and it's a program with the richard wright public charter school. the school's founder said the program is aimed at mostly showing richard wright students that adults in the community care about them. >> it's all about trust and it's all about a buy-in, some type of obligation. if i can that he you have an obligation -- if i can tell that you have an obligation to me, typically i'm going to buy into you. now we have a relationship with onus on both parts and the kid feel comfortable with that. d.c. police are looking for a dab driver accused of sexually assaulting a passenger during the early morning hours
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of sunday in the 3200 block of highland place in northwest d.c. police say the attacker was driving a red and black taxi and the assaulted happened just a few blocks from the cleveland -- assault happened just a few blocks from the cleveland park station. tomorrow is the funeral for tv news photographer adam ward , he and reporter alison parker shot to death live on the air. adam ward went to high school in salem, played football for the spartans on two state championship teams. wusa9 is sending a crew to the funeral tomorrow and we'll have complete coverage of the events. there's an update on vicki gardner who survived that attack. gardner had more surgery today to repair damage of a gunshot wound from the back. she's in good condition at a hospital in roanoke. the public will have a chance to pay tributes to former maryland governor marvin mandel the next few days. mandel died sunday. he was 95 years old. wednesday he will lie in repose
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at the statehouse in annapolis. the funeral will be 11 a.m. thursday at saul, levinson and brothers funeral home in pikesville. the services are open to the public. mandel is remembered for a 26 year career that brought progress to the state government but ended with corruption charges which were overturned a year or two later. prosecutors say the sheriff's deputy killed at a gas station friday night was shot 15 times all coming from behind. the suspect shannon miles appeared in court today. the harris county district attorney said the attack on 47- year-old darren goforth was totally unprovoked. she describes what witnesses saw and what the surveillance cameras captured friday. >> they saw a dark skinned male who was bald with red shorts and a white t-shirt run up behind the deputy who clearly did not see him or hear him coming and shot him in the back of the head.
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>> the judge ordered that miles be held without bond. prosecutors say miles has a long criminal record that includes six previous arrests, two for using force against law officers. a jury has convicted a white supremacist of killing three people at a kansas city area jewish site last year and this wasn't exactly a tough decision. fraser glen miller, jr. had admitted to the killings and after the verdict was read the 74-year-old said and we quote, "the fat lady just sang, " and then raised his right arm in a nazi salute. miller said he was compelled to do it because jewish people are trying to wipe out the white race. check this out. none of the victims was jewish. it has been one of d.c.'s top tourist attractions for seven years, so why is the crime museum about to disappear? >> and doomsday scenario, president obama is in alaska right now. we'll have the latest on the very dark message he's delivering to the whole world. >> and remember this cop from prince george's county?
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tonight hear why he's so surprised those double dutch moves are
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talk about a great monday, thousands of kids headed back to school today. >> i'm tracking a heatwave.
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guess. what tuesday is even hotter. >> we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. new tonight the national museum of crime and punishment in downtown d.c. is closing. the museum has been operating at its location near the verizon center for more than seven years, but officials say they were not able to reach a new agreement with the building's landlord. the crime museum will close its doors for good on september 30th. >> oh, no. hudson trail outfitters is also calling it quits blaming the changing retail landscape. the company first opened its doors in washington way back in 1971 and currently operates stores on wisconsin avenue and in pentagon row, fairfax and rockville. the company did not say exactly when it will shut down those stores. new tonight president obama is in anchorage, alaska, tonight issuing a call for action against climate change. >> but it's his decision to change the name of mount mckinley back to its original title that's getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: president obama
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posted this photo of north america's highest peak on instagram shortly before air force one landed in anchorage monday. he used alaska's spectacular scenery as his backdrop to urge swift action on melting glaciers, rising sea levels, coastal erosion and shrinking fish harvests. >> on this issue of all issues there is such a thing as being too late. that moment is almost upon us. >> reporter: but his announcement sunday to revert mount mckinley's name back to denali also has people talking. >> it sends such a positive message to our community. >> reporter: alaskans have always referred to north america's highest mountain as denali. congress named it to honor president william mckinley of ohio in 1917. officials in mckinley's homestate say changing the name now is inappropriate. >> because you just don't go and do something like that. >> reporter: the white house
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says it will work with ohio to find another way to honor the nation's 25th president. a new poll out of iowa shows donald trump and ben carson in a tie. the emergency mon -- monmouth university poll shows trump and carson with 23%, carly fiorina with 10%, scott walker with 7% and jeb bush with 7% as well. the indianapolis home where authorities say child pornography images were secretly recorded is now at the center of a lawsuit filed by former subway pitch man gerald fogle. fogle alleges that russell taylor, a one time friend who headed fogle's charitable foundation, defaulted on an agreement to repay a loan taylor used to buy the home. authorities say taylor secretly filmed children changing clothes, showering and bathing
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in that home. taylor faces child porn charges. fogle faces prison time after agreeing to plead guilty to similar charges. can you jump rope? how about double dutch three or four ropes at a time? video of a prince george's county police officer jumping away at a community event has gone viral. this is police corporal alan jones, cell phone video of him double dutching at an event at victoria faith of life church. today we caught up with him. >> never done double dutch before. i have done jump rope just for cardio. i like doing it, but i've never done two ropes before. >> check out the cross leg move he does here. that's the thing that gets me. i don't know how he does that. >> he's doing jumping jacks at one point. now he's just showing off. look at that! jones is a community policing officer. he says he's played basketball and other sports with kids in the neighborhood before, but he said this was a challenge.
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>> he made it look easy. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you're right. it's important for operating on the roads. 3-degree guarantee. >> how did we do? >> well, i inherited an 88 from mr. bernstein and i'm glad i did. you know why? >> it was a bull's eye? >> it was close. it was a bull's eye. >> oh! >> it was a bull's eye. >> where's the bull? >> we got rid of the bull. >> why? >> i might bring the bull back. >> bring back the bull. >> all right. 27 and 4 for the month of august. we're going 92 for 71. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, down to 77, dew points in the 70s, not so comfortable and humidity almost 80%, so a little muggy. bus stop temperatures, 68 to 79, almost 80 by 9:00, lot with
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isolated storms tomorrow, a little better chance of storms on wednesday and then isolated storms possible thursday at fedex and at nats park, have games, but they will be isolated. 6 a.m. tomorrow morning some 60s, maybe 69 in leesburg, manassas and gaithersburg, maybe even 68 in la plata but low 70s downtown inside the beltway. 9:00 about 80 everywhere. by 1:00 we're upper 80s to near 90, 90 in frederick, 89 bowie, 90 in leesburg, 88 manassas, a couple showers possible, most of the showers back to the west of us along i-81. by 6 p.m. we're still 90. so between the poor air quality and the high humidity you don't want to exercise in the evening. exercise tomorrow morning if you really have to do that or just roll over and go back to bed. 70s across the board. upper 70s at 10:00 tomorrow night if you walk the dog. it's going to be muggy even by early morning wednesday temperatures still in the 70s,
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so a little touch of summer coming back. overnight clear to partly cloudy, muggy, 68 to 75. tomorrow morning is the first day of meteorological fall. it's on my facebook page which is comprised of september, october, november. it's going to feel pretty toasty, 88 by lunchtime and by afternoon it's going to be downright hot, just an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible, high temperatures in the low 90s, wind southwest at 10. so on the day planner we're almost 80 at 9:00, 86 at 11:00, almost 90 by 1 p.m. we're going to do 92 across the board tuesday, wednesday, thursday, do not warrant a yellow weather alert. keep you posted on wednesday, our best chance for storms and isolated storms thursday for the game. next seven days well friday still looking at a chance of an isolated shower, but right now the weekend looks pretty good, 80s saturday, sunday, maybe a shower labor day, but we could end up with a pretty good weekend. >> just in time for the holiday, too liking that. a lot of folks been wishing
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> he's in, he's out. he's in, he's out. that's been the pattern over the last three years in washington, the relationship between washington and robert griffin, iii. now once again he's out. coach jay gruden declaring today this is kirk's team. coach jay gruden announcing today that kirk cousins is the redskins starting quarterback for the season and it's all because of his impressive play in the preseason. despite naming griffin the starter in may when he signed his extension and then again at the start of camp, he couldn't keep up. captain kirk simply outplayed him. incouss wasn't expecting this but says it's all part of playing in the nfl. >> i never have felt like i've been comfortable in any
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specific role. so that's what i've learned since i was drafted. on the flip side i did feel like the roles were defined and i was competing for the backup role and that was where i was at, but like i said, you also understand you're always battling for every spot and nobody's job is safe. >> so what does this mean for rg3? many local pundits are saying they expect him to be gone as soon as he clears concussion protocol, but gruden says griffin will stick around. he said there have been no discussions to get rid of him. now griffin battles colt mccoy to be cousins' backup. >> robert's on our football team and he's a washington redskin and we believe in robert. it's a good problem to have to have three quarterbacks that are competing and working their butts off and i feel like all three of them are capable quarterbacks. >> we'll see how it all unfolds. to some baseball, nats on a short three game road trim, only stop st. louis.
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you have a battle between two -- trip, only stop st. louis. you have a battle between two, nats down one, thank goodness for ryan zimmerman this season, three run homer, his fourth in his last seven games, curly w's up 5-3, but wouldn't be 2015 nats if they didn't blow it. big blow, jason heyward doubles to left. two runs score and st. louis goes on to win 8-5. the mets win, too, tonight, derek, which means nats 6 1/2 games back in the division. time is running out. orioles hosting the tampa bay rays and the birds' nose dive continues. they've lost 11 of their last 12, could be worse. we're on grand slam watch, serena williams looking for the season grand slam. listen to that crowd. step one at the u.s. -- set 1 at the u.s. open, piece of cake
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and her opponent retired in the 2nd set. she's going for that calendar grand slam for the first one in 27 years. >> i still remember bryce harper the beginning of
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oh, that is our broadcast for the night. i want to thank you for being here. >> thanks for staying up with us, everybody. we'll be back here
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he's on the move. heading south on broadway towards 46th street. cuckoo! you're screwed! (grunts) all right, all right, all right. (squawks) calm down. i'm lieutenant mccarthy, sir. how are you doing today? and i'm crazy! sir! why don't you just step down, and we can talk, okay? no, no, no. screw you! and you! and you! all of you! what are you looking at, huh? (man spits, crowd gasps) food for the needy! hey, hey! come on now. not for the greedy! move the perimeter back 50 feet immediately. food for the needy! not for the greedy! screw you! come on. see if you can lay a hand on him, okay?


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